About Us


We are a professional organizing company servicing Miami, Florida  since 2014.  We create a stylish and practical clutter free space to bring control and productivity back into your life.  Clutter Free Lifestyle provide personalized and confidential services to make the process easy and fun. 


We begin by doing an assessment of the area and create an organizing plan to customized your space, needs, and lifestyle.  Next, we help you decide what to keep and where to keep it. Once everything you love, and need has a good home, we teach you easy solutions for maintaining the order long-term.

Our Goal

Our goal is to conquer the clutter and maximizing available space by developing an efficient organizing system that will fit your lifestyle.  Helping you to just relax and enjoy life while Clutter Free Lifestyle does all the work.

Simplicity is the key to organizing.  We tend to take on too much, have a list of projects that never get done and then we get frustrated.  The organizing process is easy, and all decisions are made by you, with the guidance and support from us.